Problems with Themepunch support login

I have a valid Envato market login. Through my account I purchased essential grid, a Themepunch product. In order to access themepunch customer support, I need to login via Envato and then “approve” Themepunch access to my login credentials.

I am able to successfully login to Envato and then I am brought to a screen where I click “approve”. After that I am getting an “invalid username” error message. I contacted themepunch and was told to content Envato.

I have uploaded two screen shots.

I have tried logging in on Chrome and Safari on Mac. I have tried clearing caches and cookies, which did not help. Also, I am a web developer so I have multiple Envato accounts. I am able to login to themepunch support on my personal Envato account but not on my client’s account.

Any advice?


Contact the theme author. You may get only help from directly him/her

I have contacted the theme author. They are telling me that the issue is with the Envato API token that they do not have control over or access to. I tried revoking access to themepunch and tried to get approval again but the same problem occurs.



please write an email to and explain the problem to the support agent. She/he will help you asap!

Cheers, Dirk @ ThemePunch