Envato Toolkit API doesnt work

I downloaded, installed and activated the Envato Toolkit from Github today. Unfortunately I get the same error message (Username and / or API key invalid.) I set up the API always tried the same and small case of the usernamen tried, 5 minutes waited, a new API tried - but without success.

Did I need to activate?

Thank you very much

The Envato Toolkit is deprecated so you’ll want to instead use the Envato Market plugin.

I just tried now with username in lowercase, result was an error.

The username field is case sensitive. Eg: ThemeSLR not themeslr

I am a little confused here, is the Envato Market the new plugin that will allow the theme to update on it’s own? I tried creating a TOKEN for one of my themes and it didn’t work. What does this Envato Plugin do exactly? I used to use the toolkit but i see it is no longer used.

Take a look at this video tutorial on YouTube. You will understand how the Envato Plugin works :slight_smile: