Problems Reverting Back from Avada Theme to eStore Pro Theme

Good evening. I originally purchased the Aveda Theme only to, a few days later, purchase the eStore Pro Theme. So tonight, just for kicks, I wanted to check out the Aveda Theme with my content. I did the install of the theme and then an install of the child theme. I played with it for about an hour and realized it will be a good deal of work for me to get the Aveda Theme to a point where it is useable. I had to use a considerable amount of .css overrides to get eStore Pro to a point where it was production-ready.

So when I reverted back to the eStore theme I’ve now got one theme inside the other?!? I deleted both the Aveda master theme and child theme but still no help. I renamed the Aveda master and child theme as well with a .bak extension and still no help. Could you take a look to see what I am referring to and maybe offer some assistance to get things back to the way they were. I’m at least partially production with this. By the way your themes are visually very good, professional, and appealing. Just what I want. I think figuring this out will make me a long term customer. Any help you can provide in advance will be greatly appreciated.

You don’t have the theme one is inside. It’s the content. You can remove the pages those being imported by Avada