Problemas con Elementor y Warehouse 4.2.1 en Prestashop

Elementor gives us an error

When we try to layout a post from Blog for Prestashop with Elementor, an error appears randomly (at different times) and a strange code appears in the section: “Complete content of the publication”, deleting everything built with Elementor, even if it had previously been saved. IF we try to save what is built from within that post in the Elementor library, sometimes it lets us save it and sometimes the error appears and everything is lost.

We have tried to work from another computer, with another user, in another browser, clearing the cache… but the error continues to appear without us knowing why it appears.

We use the warehouse template 4.2. on our website and Prestashop

This is our site:
This is our blog: BLOG DEL REGALO PUBLICITARIO - Coartegift Regalos Publicitarios S.L

Everything seems correct here, but if I try to layout a new post, the error occurs and it deletes everything I’ve built, even though I’ve previously saved it.

Has something similar happened to someone?


Contact with your purchase item author @iqit-commerce right here as a comments

hope they will helped!