problem with theme install and support form on ListGo theme not working

im struggling submitting a ticket for the theme i have purchased recently which is not being recognised by the partner support site as per screenshot. also the issue with the actual theme not uploading via WP or ftp after many attempts and numerous downloads.
theme is ListGo. please help. thanks

To upload Listgo to your WordPress folder, you need to extract the downloaded file first -> You will see -> Upload this file to wp-content -> themes folder -> Extract this file -> Log into your site -> Appearance -> Themes -> Activate it. Or go to => Download -> Upload this file to wp-content -> themes folder -> Log into your site and activate it
If you need any further support, please register an account on then open a ticket here.



at first please make sure you have purchased wordpress theme. Because in Envato market there is another HTML template named ‘ListGo’. If you quite sire wordpress then you already got perfect reply/solution from the wordpress theme Author @wiloke


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thanks. i purchased the template called ListGo - Directory WordPress Theme in themeforest but the link for support only provides a dropdown for Wilcity so is not recognising the purchase code.
i have tried to install numerous ways but the error is saying its missing a file so im completely stuck.
any help hugely appreciated as i cannot submit a ticket via the template support link as the purchase code is not recognised.

My opinion is getting touch with Envato Customer Success They would like to assist you.
I think this is your best way to getting solution.


Is it the ‘missing stylesheet error’?

Theme Installation Problem:

Hope this will help you to fix your problem.


thanks for help. really appreciated. i have the purchase code but in trying to submit a ticket to the product support it is not recognised so im unable to submit the ticket. the support form is here but its not working.
the file error shows but not sure which file as per screenshot.

the above my 2nd link how to install… will help you to install.
Also you can check this:
You have to download the Item from your Envato Dashboard Downloads then have to unzip and you will see a .zip file name with matching your theme name. You have to install that themename .zip file.

you can check this helpful article stylesheet error

Also you can unzip your purchased download and check the theme documentation hopefully you will get necessary support in documentation how to install and all necessary help.

thanks. this is what i have been doing and its still not working so i am struggling. never had issues like this installing a template before.

I think we have given you all possible way to fix your concern. So, now the only way contact theme Author or hire a freelancer. Thanks

thanks. the problem is the support form as per the link above does not recognise the purchase code so the support form cannot be submitted and there is not other support contact option.