Problem with music kit upload.



Hello, guys!


Does anyone has a problem with uploading the music kit?
I checked the music packs and music items upload a few minutes ago and it works fine.
I have tried different browsers and laptops, but this did not change anything.
Maybe someone knows how to fix the problem?

Thank you!


Hi, I’ve had that problem some months ago, it was a problem with my internet. The work around was using a FTP client to upload the file and then filling the form onces it was uploaded. I don’t know if its the same problem tho. Good luck!


Thank you, mate!
But it didn’t help :confused:

I’m waiting for a response from the support.
I do not understand what the problem is, I’ve already tried everything. It’s weird :space_invader:


Problem solved! :grinning:

This is very strange, but everything worked only after I have changed the proxy server!


Glad to hear that. Clearing the cache of your browser would be another test, if there is it happens again (hope it doesn’t! ) :slight_smile: