Anyone having upload problems on Audiojungle?

Hi, is there anyone else having problems with uploading to Audiojungle? I can’t seem to upload a track even though I’m doing it the exact same way I’ve done over 100 times before. When I press “upload” it just keeps saying “processing” forever. I know there’s been similar issues in the past. Anyone else experiencing this?


Sometimes it’s very slow but usually it goes through ok in the end if you wait long enough.

yea, tho this time, after a long wait, it ends with an error message saying something about back end issues. Just curious if there’s other people experiencing this.

it seems that you are not alone!

ok, thanks for letting me know. Hopefully they’ll fix it soon.

I’m using Chrome…what browser you use? … wanted to try Mozilla

tried on Chrome and Explorer and on two different computers.

thank for answer… Are you write to support? …will wait to fix

I’m going to try it again later today. If the problem still exists then, I’ll contact the support.

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I think they read these messages :slight_smile: and help!

I have the same problem…

The server is saturated, too much people uploading at the same time. It´s not the first time that happen.

Worked for me now.

+100 % here :slight_smile:

Ok now!

Still can’t upload here :frowning:

I have this problem on GraphicRiver… Can’t upload item

Upload stucked on Chrome and Firefox

What also doesn’t work is changing the profile picture. This is bs, what’s going on here?

three times and upload succesful, but it is not normal rather.