Problem with Avada Theme Insallation

Good evening, years ago I bought the Avada theme on ThemeForest, regular license. I have installed it on many sites by registering each site and getting the registration code to be able to install a pre-built site and install the various avada plugins.

For a month now, things have changed, now I have installed the theme on a new site and it asks me for the purchase code, so the procedure is different, not the same as before, I used the purchase code for a site and now it no longer makes me use the theme on new sites.
I hope I explained myself well, can you tell me what to do? do i need to buy an avada theme for every new site i make?

Yes - each new website requires an individual license/purchase

and why before could I create more sites before ??

It’s never been allowed but authors might be becoming more clever about how they enforce the rule

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thank you very much for the kind reply