Do you have to pay another license for Child Themes?

HI, I have recently purchased the Avada theme from themeforest and have made a child theme from it which I am passing on to a client. Can someone tell me if I have to pay a license every time I do this as I have paid the license for the parent Avada theme just unsure if I have to pay again for the child.
All help appreciated.

Yes as you can only use one license per “project”… every website you create using the theme needs another license… even if you “child theme / customize” the theme.

OK thanks for letting me know

To get myself familiar with the theme and after letting the child theme go to the client I would be alright to use it myself for training purposes though wouldn’t I?

Generally having a local “development” copy of a website is fine. This way changes can be made and tested locally before uploading to a clients website.

Actually quite a few authors here on the market insist that customers setup a “development” copy of the website to test theme updates and changes before going live. So it is accepted.