problem while installing shopkeeper theme

when i try to install shokeeper them it is getting as connection time out
but in my c pannel shopkeeper theme is available

Hello there,

This is Adrian. Thank your for choosing Shopkeeper!
I see you’ve opened up a few support requests. That’s the way to go.
I’ll leave here a link for the theme’s Help Center just in case anyone else needs it:


Sir i have already followed the link which you have sent me…
Still facing problem it’s not getting installed that’s the reason I texted YOU

Hello again,

At the top of follow the “Contact Support” link.
We’ll do our best to help but that’s where support is. This is a public forum, we’ll need a link to your site and a temporary admin username and password to check your setup and this is not the right place to share that information :slight_smile:


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once i lost my wordpress website during theme update ,

but Adrian helped me in creating a child theme
Now it is asking for wordpres, woocommerce plugin and theme update but im afraid of updating
can you please help me in updating safely … im afraid of loosing my website