Lost of Shopkeeper Child When running updater


Hi guys, I am very stressful now as I lost the previous appearance of the website I developed. This is due to I updated plugins and ran updater as notified in the dashboard. Now the website lost its menu bar, logo, color, fonts, etc. I checked in the dashboard I have lost shopkeeper child. That’s the problem caused in the website. If anybody has this experience and have solved it I appreciate your help.

Regards, Zai


Ask the author oft the theme they will be best placed to help


Hi Charlie,

Thanks for replying. I wouldn’t have created the discussion topic in the forum if not because of avoiding paying to get reply and support from authors. The support price they charge is as expensive as buying the software itself. And if this thing happens after doing what the dashboard said (updating and running updater) it’ll happen in the future. So I was just hoping someone in the forum knows about this and can share experience.