Problem when importing a template kit Elementor in Wordpress plugin ELEMENT

I’m trying to import from the Wordpress interface with Element an Elementor templateKit. It’s a Blog.
It matters to me perfectly but when I open it with Elementor the spaces where the visuals are visible in the online demonstration of the site, do not appear at all !!!
Do you know the reason?
I specify that it is indeed an Elementor templatekit for ELEMENT in Wordpress
Thank you for your answers

Have you tried to contact the item author for the support? They may provide you some details as well as some help

( If the plugin is by Elements, Envato should provide you some support )

No I don’t know if I can contact the author ! Yes it is bay ELEMENTS, do you know how to proceed to contact them ?
Thanks for your help

@vailjoy may help you on this as well as you may send an email to

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Elementor Template Kits that contain blog layouts require you to have posts already created in WordPress. You must then configure the post elements in the layout with the queries to show your posts - the blog content on the demo is not included in templates (because it is not in elementor, it is in your specific WordPress install).

Below are links to help documents on elementor for how to customize templates in the builder: