Problem in Theme - Frustrated

Hi There, I purchased this theme for our website.

Please look at our website.

There is a blank space if you scroll down. The content is invisible to viewers. Please view it in different browser if you are unable to find the issue.

I did contact the theme developer and he asked me FTP details.

Wordpress doesn’t provide me FTP details due to security reason, but the theme developer repeatedly asking me FTP details.

I am surprised how the theme developer doesn’t know wordpress do not provide FTP details. We spent $49 for this theme but no use.

Any ideas?

FTP details are provided by your hosting service, not by Wordpress.

I suspect there may be a confusion between and


Are you hosting this via and not using your own hosting with WP installed on it?

Are you definitely using the latest version of the theme?

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The website is hosted at WordPress.Com. That’s why he doesn’t have an FTP credentials and cannot provide to the theme author but I have checked the theme, there’re few codes needs to be rewritten. I don’t know why it happened but WordPress.Com may overwrite some configurations, that could be the reason. Due to it’s not related to the theme, you should contact WordPress.Com support. They may offer a free solution