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I feel hopeless. From time to time I am finding my tracks being used over TV programmes, ads. Recently I’ve found my music used on national TV in Syria as a news programme intro. They didn’t buy a license and didn’t fill cues. Every time I caught something like that I’ve sent detailed info (air time, location, etc.) to my dear PRO ZAiKS. But they didn’t do anything to help me. Their user panel and whole UX Design is poorly made. I’m just wondering if other PROs are helpful and actually doing something with reports. I’m about to switch from ZAiKS to something else. Has anyone experience with BMI or ASCAP and know how they deal with detected usage?

Sorry to hear that, it happened to me while on my country PRO and there was nothing I could do.

I have very little experience, so my comment is not that useful. From what I understand, if there is no cue sheet, it is very difficult to claim. You can use Tunesat and other systems to track some of those syncs but not all PROs take them on count.
Needlessness to say that those tracking sites don’t do it worldwide, so it is almost impossible to claim something from any country that is not USA.

Hope some of the experts on this subject can bring some light to this.

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I am in the progress of claiming many uses in Zaiks as an author and in ASCAP as a publisher. I will report how it goes with Ascap in the future.

At this point I would say that getting such royalties from countries like Syria is extremely difficult, often impossible. Yesterday I have found my intro in Azerbeijan tv…

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Hundreds of Jigobytes of music tracks from Audiojungle posted in wav. on torrent trackers, anyone can use them anywhere and you can’t do anything about it, so… I don’t think that switching to other PRO will change anything.

@NeelleeStenat There are big players from more developed countries who buy licenses. But unfortunately they buy wrong license too often, usually by the mistake and/or do not fill cue sheets. Sometimes their local law do not require cue sheets (e.g. commercials in USA!). In this case Syria is ruined country in war so that’s true that changing PRO will help probably in this case. But in other cases it might help.

And what about torrents? Wait till they upload videos to Youtube and collect money from CID. Wait till other services turn on monetization (like Facebook and Instagram).

Sad to read this but in a way good that you found out and brought it to their attention. I started registering my music with soundmouse since last year. My PRO advised me to do it. Have yet to see if it helps in scanning cues.
Good luck.