PRO Question

I wonder if you know about any PRO organization who let yourself decide what tracks to register and let unregistered tracks be if they show up in cue sheet?

Here in Sweden we have STIM. In their agreement you let them administer everything you’ve written and that’s when the problem starts. You can’t be part of two worlds with STIM if you want to be honest and you can’t work for hire and sell your rights.
I would like to be part of a PRO who let myself choose what tracks to be conducted.

The only one I ever heard mentioned which allows exclusion of songs are ASCAP. Although, I’d recommend you contact them first and ask to get a definitive answer.

I’ll ask them.
Any more?

Most famous are ASCAP, BMI, SOCAN, PRS i guess…

The problem for me is that I sell my royalty free music non PRO.
I have just finished a score about animals which I would like to have in a PRO since it’s going to be on TV early next year.
STIM don’t allow you to choose what music to be conducted or not. The most PRO wants all or nothing it seems.
I wrote a letter to ASCAP two weeks ago, no answer so far?