PRO in China

I just made a broadcast license sale in China.
Has anybody ever received and PRO money from something being broadcast there?

I also received a broadcast and film license from China on Saturday, I’d be interested to know as well.

This is what wikipedia has to say

If one buy’s a broadcast license, is it compulsory for the license buyer to register it under a PRO?

No, it isn’t compulsory. You can contact the buyer and ask them to register if you like but sadly I don’t speak chinese. I don’t even understand which part is the customers name, haha.

No China money yet. But my PRO (ZAIKS) has signed the agreement with Chinese PRO in January this year so it looks like they exist.

Yea, actually come to think about it, audiojungle only started letting people sell PRO registered music not too long ago.
International royalties usually take at least 2 years to get through all the bureaucracy of the PROs.