Price Comparison Plugin - WooCommerce



I’m looking for a plugin that would display best deals below the product. I need to build a website on Wordpress that would be something like Price Comparison website. When users opens a single product, a list of offers from various shops should be displayed.

The closest thing I’ve found is plugin, but it’s not supported by the author and it’s missing some basic options.

I don’t need to have affiliate options, just want to display offers from other stores for single product. Also, the prices from the other stores should be pulled automatically (CSS selectors maybe).

The plugin above should be your reference. It would be perfect for me if:

  1. There would be no affiliate ID options (skimlinks)
  2. There were some styling options
  3. There is a manual price entry option (in case some websites does not use unique price selectors or from some reason the price can’t be pulled automatically)

If you can help out in any way, it will be most appreciated.

This is pretty much how it should look like.




Sir, we need to work in API of all the sites and integrated into you Price Comparison website. Please contact me via profile page contact form. I can help you on this. Thanks.


You can’t work in API of the websites I do not own. It’s not the right approach to my problem. I’m not talking about Amazon or eBay, those will be the local web shops with simple websites without their own API.


I think you can user the Multi Vendor Marketplace for WooCommerce and ask the store owners to upload their items to your site as separate vendors. That way it will be easier for you to manage the vendors and all users will be able to see the items for different vendors easily.


@kreditno i also need exactly what you said but affiliate link to be added, please have you found any solution yet?