Seeking website price comparison plugin with linking to compared sites

I am looking for someone who can supply and install a plugin on my Ecwid website that displays competitor prices of products we sell below ours(or links to another page added).
If a competitors price is less and someone clicks on their lower price(linked price) and leaves our site, then we want that action to link us to our affiliate account for that website. We would want to be able to specify which websites to be checked for comparing prices(we add their url into the plugin admin area)

An example- our website is selling a brand of toothpaste, we know 3 other websites who sell the same toothpaste. Under our price is their prices that has been scraped from the url or urls we added to the admin area. If someone clicked another companies price link and left our site for theirs, we would have our affiliate code recognized on the new site in case our customer decided to buy the toothpaste elsewhere to add products we don’t sell. We can turn the plugin on to display or not on our site.

Assuming you have a realistic budget (this is not a basic job) I would suggest looking to hire a freelancer from