Multi Vendor Retail theme which compare basket/cart price between multiple vendors

Hi Guys,

We are looking for a Multi Vendor supermarket theme / Platform or a Woocommerce plugin(s) which can achieve following:

  1. Multi Vendor platform with the capability for vendors to manage their inventory
  2. Customer account/area with customers previous ordered baskets (list of items order within a basket) with the capability of re-order or schedules repeat order.
  3. Select number of vendors serving customer area or select vendors bases on customer location
  4. Show/ Compare a basket price from above selected multiple vendors
  5. Check if all the products selected by customer are available from above selected vendors if not list/ count the missing items/products

If above is not possible through existing plugins then what platform (Magento /Woocommerce ) it can be more easily developed or should I chose to get it develop from scratch using PHP/

Thanks in advance for you time and suggestions.

Kind Regards