Premiere Pro extension for Envato Elements - from AI-assisted search to seamless downloads

Hi all! I’ve been meaning to share this on the forums for a few weeks now - it’s some good news for video customers and all our Elements Video and Audio authors, and hopefully a sign of lots more to come in this space.

At the end of September, we launched a new Premiere Pro extension that brings some useful features straight into the workflow of customers who edit video. You can read more about it in this blog post, or watch the launch video below to see it in action:

What does it do?

The beta release of our Premiere Pro plugin lets customers find and download music, sound effects and video clips, without having to leave their editing tool. Our research shows that customers want better search and discovery, and they want more convenient access to content - so we have a few tools that help them on that front. The features in this plugin focus on helping customers to search for and download items from within Premiere Pro.

What’s AI-assisted Search?

Have you ever edited a video, and wished you had a matching bit of footage to extend a particular moment? Or needed some music or SFX to accompany what you can see on screen? The plugin can examine a single frame from a clip in your current project, identify what’s in it, and then recommend new assets from across the Envato Elements library.

Can you search using keywords too?

Of course - you can also search by entering keywords, and you can see results from the SFX, Music and Video categories on Elements. As you’d expect, these have the usual thumbnails/waveforms/etc, so that customers can quickly check whether an item is relevant to their needs.

So, why is this important?

This isn’t our first in-tool plugin (it follows our Elements Extension for WordPress, which allows customers to access photos and Elementor template kits while they’re building their website). The Premiere Pro extension does let us explore an entirely new way to search for items, though, and it helps us to reach customers while they’re right inside their creative process - instead of relying on them heading to a website to find items.

That should be a good outcome for the customers (more convenient access to content, with smarter search to find more relevant items) and for the Author community (existing customers can license your content more easily, and it also helps to expose Envato to a wider group of people who aren’t subscribers yet).

Stay tuned for more of these sorts of tools - and if you’re a Premiere Pro user, please check it out! You can find instructions for installing the extension here. We’re still officially in Beta for this one, and the team behind it is very keen to get feedback on it.


Great news! The new Premiere Pro extension from Envato Elements enhances the video editing workflow by offering AI-assisted search and seamless downloads. Now users can find and download music, sound effects, and video clips directly within Premiere Pro. The AI-assisted search analyzes frames to recommend relevant assets, and traditional keyword searches are also available. This in-tool plugin provides a more convenient way for customers to access content while editing, creating a positive outcome for both customers and authors. Looking forward to more innovative tools in the future! :clap::clapper:

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