POT file Soft Reject


My theme got soft rejected because of this reason:

“Please ensure your .POT translation file is up to date. Having an outdated .POT file limits the translatable functionality of your theme, which will negatively affect international customers.”

I’m not sure what should I do. Can somebody help me please?

Thank you!

Hi @anon67968091,

You need to make sure that the POT file includes all the translatable texts that your theme provides. Each portion of your theme that has text domain as an argument needs to be put in translation file:

_e( 'Text', 'my-theme' )

The easiest way to create POT file is to use Poedit software. You can read more about theme localization here:



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Use Poedit. Open your .pot file by it and update the file.

It means, you have updated the theme later ( added text ) and POT file is not updated. Just re-create the POT file