Soft reject again , Please advice!

Today, we got soft reject for item resubmit, something is not clear with us, please explain or share us your experience with this:

4: The localization file should be in English and delivered as .POT file. .POT will contain all translation strings.

5: Set the charset attribute dynamically. e.g.:

Let me explain few words:
We don’t really know about [4.] - that we don’t need these file:, en_EN.po anymore?
about [5.]: we are already do it, it is exactly the line of code we wrote in header.php file. but till got reject for this.

Anyone, please adive
Thanks in advance

You have to be a priority and that is English. All content must be in English.

You can not send such a demo in another language and then try to translate into English.

The POT file can use in case you want to add other languages.

Solve this problem and resubmit

good luck

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yes, tks, i’ve checked it again… do you think we have to create theme-slug.pot file for this purpose instead en_EN.po and ?