Posting an image in item description on Audio Jungle

Hi,can somebody please tell me how to post an image in an individual item description on my Audio Jungle library. I understand that the image has to be held on another site …What site? FLICKR ? INSTAGRAM ? and I also understand that a link to that site embedded into a bit of HTML is required…
Does anyone have the time to give me "A Dummys guide to…"
Apologies in advance if this has been covered already, but I can’t find it.

Dropbox will do (put photos/mages in the public folder). Flickr should work as well, you just need to find a direct link for the image somewhere on Flickr’s photo page.

Hi, and thanks…

I’m assuming that if I used dropbox, I’d have top keep the images in it forever. Is it just a matter of then pasting in a link ?



Put you link where the x’s is. Notice that I have put a space before img to show the actual code, you will have to remove the space.

< img src=“xxxxxxx”>

Cheers, I’ll give that a go…Still trying to find a host for the images .I have instagram but am unsure about whether it’ll let me

I’m using Dropbox,it works.

Just as @Hyperprod said, standard html’s IMG tag should work.

Fortunately, Dropbox isn’t going anywhere, so your images should be fine for the next couple of years :slight_smile:

I’ve put my images into dropbox and followed your instructions. I now have a small blue square with a question mark instead of a code or image. Is there a size for the image that Envato wants ? Does the update happen immediately?

that means the link is wrong. you can try the link in your browser first and see if it directs to your image before you implement it in the img-tag.

I use pictures with maximum width of 590 px - just like homepage image.
Also you can try, how it works in Envatitor.

Make sure the quotation marks looks like the one in my earlier post, and remember to remove the space before img if you haven’t.

I’ve tried a square image of 590 by 590 and its still not working . Am Iright in assuming it goes in the object description after my text?

yes, you’re right. you can put it anywhere in description.

is your link looks somewhat like this?

Dropbox is quite bad at embedding. The share link that Dropbox gives you isn’t a direct link to the image, so it doesn’t work with HTML right away. You need to modify the link just a bit to get it work with HTML.

The link you get from Dropbox looks something like this:

You just need to replace the string " " with " ".

So it should look something like this:

And then just put the link in the IMG tag

<img src="THE-MODIFIED-LINK"/>

I hope this helps.

By Jove chaps it all works ! it was a combo of all the advice from you chaps that got me through.

My item pages now look like this… I’ll keep on working on it

Again…thank you so much for your time and help Guys


If you use the “copy public link” option in Dropbox you get the correct link mentioned earlier by OsamaSayegh, without having to do the extra modification.

Where do I write these codes? I’ve been looking for hours, but I can’t find it. Doing this harder than making music !

  1. How to add the items promotion to my profile page (where to write the codes ?)

2.I didn’t understand what to add when adding in the Collection Section, a photo or html file, Javascript, css file Assembly code or what the hell :slight_smile: .