Looking for help to Upload my first item

Hi Everyone,

I’m new here at Videohive.
I made my 1st after effects template (a logo reveal) and got some confusion when it comes to uploading the process.

  1. How do you add the link to music (audiojungle)?
  • I saw other authors put “Music link here”, and when you click the word “here” it re-directs you to audio jungle product. How to make that kind of links?
  1. How do you add screenshots in the description?
  • On the upload page, there is no place to put screenshots of the project. but I’ve seen other authors put 5, 6 screenshots in the description. How to do that?
  1. If I’m providing a Video tutorial, do I still have to prepare a PDF tutorial too?

Thanks in advance.
Have a nice day!

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  1. just copy the music link and paste into your product description
  2. To add images/screenshots In product description you have to first upload those images in the web as like in your webhost server or google drive. Then use img tag to show the image as like:

<img src="WEB-URL-OF-THE-IMAGE" alt="image" />

Just replace WEB-URL-OF-THE-IMAGE with your image url and put the code into your product Description.

  1. Video tutorial is a plus point (additional) which will help more your customer.



Thank you very much sir, for the quick reply. :smiley:

I will try this.

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Hi there,
@mgscoder was right,
Plus 'lil tips frim me, try use envatitor to see how ur item description look like before u go, here the link

Have a good days, bro.

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Thank you Sir,

It does not show the actual image preview. Just a small square of an image icon.
Is that normal?

Yes thats normal, envatitor only show ur output from ur html syntax.
U can play around with that, for example if u also want to use bigger text for title (heading) and numbering for your description

@dotibed Thank you Sir,
Really appreciate the quick reply

U r welcome bro, :coffee:

Hi @dotibed

Do you know how to set a Word as a link?

For example, some authors has included “Music link Here”, and we can click on the word “Here” and it redirects to the audiojungle link.
Big help if you can guide me to do that :smiley:


you can use the following html format:

<h2>Audio Credit</h2>
<a href="audiojungle item page link">audiojungle item title</a>

replace the ‘audiojungle item page link’ with your concern audiojungle item page link and ‘audiojungle item title’ with your concern audiojungle item title and paste into description html textarea.


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Thank you so much for your help @mgscoder @dotibed
I just finished uploading my 1st item to Videohive. :smiley:

Hi @Motion_Emo
Im sorry late to reply,
Well, congratulation if ur problem was solve, i hope ur item aprooved by reviewer.

Best regard, dotibed

@dotibed - Hello,

Can you help me with this concern?

My item is now pending for approval.
I want to change the description. Can I change the description after approval?

If yes, do I have to submit again for approval after changing the description?

Or, I see there is a delete option.
What do you prefer?
Delete it and re-submit with updated description? or description can be updated after approval?

Thanks in advance.

Items are submitted to review, and not for approval. No one promises that your item will be approved, it can also be rejected

You can change the description and price after approval. Changes that will require reapproval: tags, replacement preview files

Thank you @romlam ,

Sorry I misunderstood it first,
So I’m editing the comment now.

That means, changing only the description will not require re-approval, right?


Then I will wait and see. If they approve I can change the description.

Thank for your help :smiley:

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