How do you embed a video in Html?

For example if a videohive author uses your music and you want the video link visible in your item description?

I’ve tried this code used in this example

And it works when I put it into Envatitor but when I paste the code into my item’s html description and save it - I just get the code visible. Any ideas what I’m doing wrong?

As far I know you will not be able to embed video in envato product description. Insttead you can post any video link as like youtube.

Actually maybe I don’t mean embed but post a link, but the link is in the form of a mini video or a sort of a gif of the video. I see other Authors do this all the time I’m just not sure of what to call it.

It’s probably a gif which would work in the same way you would embed a standard image

I have also used gif image in my product description. So, you can make a gif of your video and can insert into your product description.

To add image in product description you have to first upload the images in the web as like in your webhost server. Then use img tag to show the image as like:

<img src="WEB-URL-OF-THE-IMAGE" alt="image" />

Just replace WEB-URL-OF-THE-IMAGE with your image url and put the code into your product Description.


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