Portfolio by videohive

hi guys! i have a little problem and i want information about this.So Can i use my videohive portfolio items in my showreel ? any ideas?

You sure can. The exclusive author terms allow you to use your items in your own work, so as well as being able to using them in your portfolio, you can also use them in projects for paying clients. You just can’t sell or give away your files as is. So for example… if you have a logo sting template, you can’t sell or give away that template, but you can use that template to create a logo animation for the client, and sell or give away the resulting video.

another question , have can you do your banner awesome ? :smiley: i want tips if its not a secret :smile:

I’m not sure what you mean. Can you clarify?

When i click to your prophile , reveals banner , and there are shows youre portfolio “SpaceStockFootage Exclusive Portfolio
SpaceStockFootage Non-Exclusive Portfolio
Space Stock Footage Website” have can i do when someone click my prophile automatically shows my portfolio?
p.s bad for sory english :smiley:

Ah, right. Here you go…

Thank you :blush: