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Very sorry if I’m replicating another thread, but I’m new to podcasts and cannot make head nor tail of what music I can and can’t use as the theme of my podcast. If I pay the license for this one am I able to use as the theme and outro music in 2018? https://audiojungle.net/item/stylish-rock/21478479?s_rank=30
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Mark Sanderson

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The series policy allows you to use one license for up to 52 episodes or a year. So you’ll be able to use as your theme indeed (unless you have more than 52 episodes, or your series runs for more than a year, in which case you’ll have to renew).

The Music Standard license would do. However, if your podcast is downloadable and gets more than 10 000 downloads, then the Mass Reproduction license would be required.

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That’s great, thank-you very much for your help.

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Hi, on this same topic, I too am a new podcaster and was wondering if I can use https://audiojungle.net/item/indian-hip-hop/23847454 does this follow the same policy as outlined above by PurpleFog?

Yes :slight_smile: