Please Review My item before submission

Hello everyone i created new template on themeforest i need to know that this template is enough for reviewer please help me I am new on is url


1 - Validate your code
2 - Paddings
3 - Typography
4 - Fix bugs

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Thanks , Please let me this template is approved or rejected oe soft rejected

If somebody can tell you approve or reject maybe somebody who already sell on marketplate, i am submited my first item yesterday so maybe a got rejected too . First step before submission, see marketplate quality guidelines.

Anyway i think your template must be more unique.

this is 100% hard reject
The item seems unfinished and rushed into submission. poor typography, lack of unique concept and design consistency. It’s ok for free item but no one will pay for that, accepting the item would be a shame for the reviewer. Sad but true

your item will be soft rejected with a ton of improvement requests. But it balances on the edge of hard reject. These days Envato relaxed their design quality demands cause IMHO they consider “design things” too subjective. As the practice shows most of the customers turn beautiful templates into a crapy websites. So maybe crapy design is what they are looking for initially? Let’s accept more works and get more sales lol :slight_smile:

Your themes will rejected because problem navigation (below you see image) and poor typography but your need w2c (validate your code).



Remove “View CV” make it simple and increase font size.

Red part is not clickable. Give padding and hover border to “A” tag instead of “li”

About us section will be full white and Download CV and Hire button will be align left too

All main headings will be capital and all taglines text will be in just one line.

Change line-height 36 to 30

Why you used too many colors Red, Pink, Yellow, Purple etc which is bad practice and you need to work on color selection.

Please Review my new design

@rddesigns7 your design is not new version, it’s same version :’(

But you said my previous item will rejected so it’s new design for development so please review its ok or i made new design .I need Please Help me !

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I think that your need make new design but also you can fix same design for submit again themeforest approved, your wait other author more better that I regards.