Please provide Feedback. Logo got rejected

Hi there!

Just passing by and I saw this thread so I hope my feedback can help you =)

So I think maybe the problem is a matter of balance in the design. The icon per se, can work, but it’s too heavy vs the text, so if you are going to apply the logo in a small format, probably the text will be too small. Visually is not balanced and all the attention goes to the icon. So my advice would be to try other positioning and typographies options, something more balanced that works together with the icon, that when you see the whole logotype it looks more united and not like an ICON vs a TEXT.

I hope this helps you =)


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The overall design of the logo seems clean and well-done, but i agree with @Laujimenez The icon seems to large and the text relative to the icon is small.

Good luck with next version :slight_smile:

Thank you for feedback.

Thank you for feedback. it was help full