Please I need Feedback on a Trailer track

I feel downcast and I need feedback, out of the five tracks I submitted all got hard rejected and I think this was the best among them.
Any feedback will be much appreciated, Instrumentation/mixing. Thanks.

Good job!!!

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Thanks :slight_smile:

Nice music @Orchestra_harmonies :slight_smile:

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Thanks @janxcode_team

Hey man , this is good job !!! but use watermark on soundcloud !!!

Hi! I think there are a few reasons why track could be rejected:

  1. It’s very abstract
  2. Long intro
  3. Part where you play some orchestral and choir themes is interesting, but it has very specific sound.
    Try to create more standart orchestral arrangement for this type of music. (You can listen top sellers to understand AudioJungle trends). Also try to create more clean mix. Good luck!
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Thanks for the feedback and encouragement. @WildLion_Production

Thank you very much @LuckyBlackCat

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You are welcome! :blush: