Please how managing the Pblm for uploads many tracks ?

hello I’ve problem for upload my tracks with my account admin,
do you know do you have other tricks to manage this pbm?
Thanks very much for your help :prier:

If you’re uploading a lot of tracks you could use FTP upload. Although you still need to tag and describe each track individually.

Read more here

Thanks very much @AbnormAudio,
I get to uploader but then the mp3 file does not add on audio preview

How many tracks are you trying to upload? Currently there is a 5 music track limit.

Also, I’m not sure I understood your problem, but once uploaded, you have to use the drop down menu to attribute your uploaded to either main file or preview.

It is at the level in the drop-down menu that I have a problem to add to the menu previews the mp3 file and here is the error message indicated :

Please review the following issues that occurred

Audio Files Included must be set

Oh, ok. You have to highlight the type of file you include in your main zip: mp3, wav, or both. It should work then.

I tried this but I still have the same error message:Fronçant les sourcils2:

I succeeded once to send 5 files and then I had only error messages :Small_frown:

Is it possible that this is my browser ?

The “audio file must be set” message means you have not highlighted “mp3” and/or “wav”. So, if you have done so and you still get this message, then I don’t know what’s going on.

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Here is an image could tell me if it is correct

As the others have said, you have to choose which audio file types are included:

And if you have 5 items in the queue you won’t be able to upload more until one of those are reviewed.image

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That looks correct.

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Looks ok, also, do what Hyperprod said.

A small note, future is misspelled. Should be “Child Of The Future”. Unless you’ve misspelled future as “futur” on purpose?

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Thanks for tour help @Hyperprod the pblm was “Category & Attribures” now it’s ok ! :thumbsup:

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Excuse me for my english @AbnormAudio, I’m from Paris, thanks for your correction :thumbsup: