Please help us find an adequate solution

Greetings all,
We have been looking for a way to explain the fundamentals of a complex technology through a single page, wordpress theme or plugin, that could combine a dense list of documents, historic timeline, actors, companies, etc in an easy to read structure.
Considering most app themes too commercial, we did find that an interface like Bako theme by PxlSolutions would be ideal if it had more customization options and woocommerce.

Thanks in advance for any suggestion.

If you used one of the bigger multi-purpose these with WP Bakery or Elementor etc. then it would be easy to build a one-page website that navigates ‘section to section’ (where each section takes up the whole page/screen), almost like a powerpoint presentation.

This way you will have tons of features and functionality to play with to build out each section to your requirements, and it will display in an easy to digest, ‘story like’ way