Could you recommend a theme

I’m looking for an easy to work with one page scrolling theme where I can create modular blocks. one col - two col etc - easily - I’m no expert.

Would anyone be able to recommend one?

You can use left sidebar sorting filter to chose.

For what CMS you need?

Wordpress - I’m a novice - just need something easy to work with. Thanks

In that case maybe is better to hire someone who have experience. You will save time and money and site will be looking better.

I cant send you some links because what is easy to me maybe is complicate for you.

I might be some help to you
Please let me know
does you have some sketch or something of that sort.

Best Regards

hello, I am getting frustrated with Pixothemes that I recently purchased, there support is not working and I have tried reaching them by all means still no response… does any one know how I can reach them please.