Please help me select which account I need!

Hello, I am very new here. I am getting my site built and need to get a Spoons theme.
I saw the cost is $59 but then I also saw an unlimited download option which I THINK includes Spoons themes for less than that per month.

My questions are:

  1. I don’t know which theme I want yet - do I HAVE TO pick the theme then buy it? is the cost $59 PER one theme?

  2. With the one month unlimited download option - will my website or graphics I am using stop working if I do not have ongoing subscription with envato?

It just seems much better value to go the unlimited for one month but I could be really wrong.

Please help as I cannot find customer contact centre anywhere and need to get this started.
Thanks so much

I don’t see any theme on Envato Elements with the name of “Spoons”. It is important to note that Envato Elements is an entirely separate service from ThemeForest and the other marketplaces. You can see available items under the subscription here.

The way Elements handles licensing is very simple and straightforward. Once you have an active subscription, you can click “Download” on any of the items which are available under your plan. After you click this button, it asks you to enter the name of the project, which will be used to license the asset for that project.

After your subscription expires, those licenses you registered are still valid and you can continue using the assets for those projects. You will not be able to further download the assets after your subscription expires, and author support is not typically offered for Elements items.

Oh and yes, themes usually cost around $60 per license when purchased from ThemeForest. That of course will include lifetime access to updates and may include free 6 months of support (it will display whether this is included below the buy button).

If you want to speak with Envato support, you can go to the Envato Help Center here:

Thanks for your email!
This is where I saw the link from Spoons to Envato -

When I click Download, it takes me to:

Right. I see the theme on ThemeForest, but it’s not available on Envato Elements, so the only way for you to purchase it is directly from ThemeForest at the link you just posted.


But it says Envato Market? I dont understand the link.

Envato Market is a collection of marketplaces for digital assets.

  • ThemeForest for themes and website templates.
  • CodeCanyon for scripts and plugins.
  • GraphicRiver for graphics and graphic templates.
  • VideoHive for stock footage, effects and plugins.
  • PhotoDune for stock photos.
  • AudioJungle for audio and sounds.
  • 3DOcean for 3D models and textures.

Envato itself does not make any items/themes/plugins. Each item is uploaded from authors around the world, who can sell their work on the marketplaces.

Envato Elements is not the same as the marketplaces. It is a new service from Envato which offers a selection of hand-picked assets under a monthly fee. It only contains a small portion (relatively) of items from the Envato Markets.

The theme in question is only available on ThemeForest, one of the Envato Markets. That link you posted is a checkout page to purchase a template on ThemeForest. Also, please note, that link is for an HTML template, not a WordPress theme. HTML templates cannot be installed on WordPress. Here is the link to the Wordpress theme:

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Thank you deeply. You have been beyond helpful in clarifying so much confusion. Thanks so much.