Please help me, I’m new here, why my A4 Brochure has been rejected?

Hi my name is charan. I have designed 8 Pages Fashion brochure which has been rejected. saying that it does not meet quality standards. Please help me with the issue . This is the image of the brochure.

Please help me with the issue.

Hi there:

I think that you brochure problem bad typography, try used other name fonts and line-height: 24px, regards.

HI JeriTeam, Thanks a lot for responding so soon :blush: . I will change the font and resubmit it again.

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You not can resubmit again because it already hard rejected but you need create new brochure :slight_smile:

Hmmm i get it. Not a problem i will create a new one with out repeating this mistake again :blush:. Hope you people will always support me like this.:blush:

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