I designed a brochure and got rejected for quality standard what did i do wrong suggestions please

Here is the coverpage

I would be greatful if you provide me with feedback and suggestions

hi u designed a brochure but showed only the front and back covers? this is already a problem … how can people identify what they may buy if so … IN addition, there is something that may have struck u already … green colors are not popping out, they are even hardly readable … the fact of the matter is that u are very close from breaking the contrast basic design principle which is clearly not a good idea and makes the document that u have not really interesting in the first place. The cover page is also a bit too crammed , u need to have breathings , address and so on are never meant to be put on a front cover. Titles must be truly identified as such and given the proper attention , this is central , same as the logo. They must be readable, visible, catch the attention and be noticed and remembered as much as possible. The qr code in green makes no sense , this is not good looking and this is not making it visible. Why flagging texts on the left on the back cover and flagging in the middle on the front cover? this is not logical. Addresses and other datas must be put in the footer section. U need o introduce shadows in the illustration , on the ground, under objects, and maybe potentially behind as well (cupboard and plant)

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Thanks for the suggestions I already submitted all the 9 pages in the preview to them and the color was okay in the main file when i applied it on mock file it became dull anyways ill keep the rest points in mind and try to submit my next work but this is really frustrating and disappointing to see yourself getting rejected.

lol yes definitely is but if u avoid all the things that i mention, u will definitely decrease the number of rejections …