Please help me before upload my psd item, I not want again will hard rejected.

Hi to all:

Please help me check my template admin psd before upload themeforest, maybe my bad english my template. thanks.

@goofydadog @Muse-Master @hevada @BloomPixel

pleaseeeee help me but all forums nothing help me already views my post

always I already help other forums but they nothing help me

First thing is - content / elements are not organized the way it needs.

second i am confusing its admin dashboard or marketplace template ?

and design looks 2014-2015 style.

you should leave this and get more inspiration - start new design.


I want dashboard for marketplace, it’s my idea.
how new design 2018? please link example? I not know which design 2018 thanks.

You can check latest approved items on themeforest, dribble and behance.
there lots of websites to show you latest design trends

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I will search some idea for example design many thanks.

other ask.
I can design idea dashboard for marketplace, it’s good or bad idea?

your design looks too old as @Muse-Master said. you can improve it by checking the latest themes from Themeforest

Here are few places to check

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Many thanks I will change some design.