Please help - looking for a event / venue hire booking plugin.

Our client is a local authority in the UK who needs to take 2 types of bookings.

1/ For local venues where users can see availability on an hourly basis and put in a booking request accordingly.
i.e. Town hall is booked in the morning so is blocked out on a calendar but user can request booking from 2pm until 5pm. No payment gateway needed. Automatic invoice sent to user and upon manual payment, booking is confirmed and blocked out in the calendar.

2/ One-off events where users can sign up to come along - again payment can be manual so no need for payment gateways.

All the plugins I’ve found seem to be one or the other. Either appointment plugins or event plugins but nothing that covers both.

If anyone has any suggestions, please show me the way as at the moment we’re going to have to cobble this together in gravity forms and do the blocking out manually on a goggle calendar.

Many thanks,


Based on your requirement, you can try this booking script BookorRent. With the help of their script, you can build a booking platform based on your need. Whether you want to integrate the payment gateway or go with the manual payment option, you can customize the script. This script is one of the best booking scripts available.