Going crazy searching for a rental/booking plugin (wordpress)

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Did you look on this plugin?
I have used on many sites.

based on what you need, I would use gravityforms. but any plugin with advanced conditional logic might work as well.

Thanks for the reply, but how will i make sure that they are not overbooked and stuff? Like keep track of the inventory automatic?

I wrote to their support and received this answer:

"It’s possible to set different pricing for each time interval with the Discount feature.

It’s not possible to have hours and days availability in one calendar.

You can list additional options to rent with the machine in the Extras form and charge for them.

Please write at support@dotonpaper.zendesk.com to help you with the plugin configuration.

Set availability for 1 item to avoid overbooking."

So i’m guessing this doesnt suit me? Thankful for advice!

It’s hard to tell exactly what configuration you need without knowing your setup.

Ideally you connect gravityforms to youcanbook.me by using zapier

If you need help, feel free to send me a message.