Please help! - html theme hard rejected

Hello guys,

After much hope for uploading the first HTML theme, I received a hard rejection notice from Envato today

Can anyone look at the demo and see if there is a reason you might think it was rejected?

Here’s the demo: demo here

Please help guys!

Thank you so much for everything.

What did you create? Is it just mobile HTML template?

I made an html mobile template using Bootstrap 4, you can see the demo with the link above

it looks like template for mobile phone. I don’t see any sense to sell such template, because now all templates are responsive. Who are your customers? I don’t understand your product

With respect, there is nothing unique in your template.
There are free mobile theme templates that provide great customization options. For example, Framework 7

By demoing via the QR code you are alienating anyone browsing the marketplace on mobile and preventing them from seeing it.

That said the screenshots do look very basic anyhow

thanks for the suggestion, maybe next time I will try to make a more interesting theme and have many framework options. maybe I’m too beginner to sell in themeforest.

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