Please Help -Held Items in the Review Queue - My item holded 8th day

I uploaded my item for review, waited 15 days - than I have soft rejection - It was problem only with format. I changed it and send, however I found it was - “Held Items in the Review Queue”. Now it is 8th day.
In the article was written “Items that are held are usually resolved within a day or two, but occasionally an item may be held for a longer period (up to 7 days for a particularly complex issue).” My item is helding more than 7 days and I realy don´t understant why :frowning:
Can some one help me? Has it ever happened to someone?
It make me worry !

email support, anything I’ve had held was definitely resolved very quickly

I also have a “Temporarily held for further review” item for about 25 days now. I contacted support and they told me they don’t have a clue when it could be reviewed. Guess there’s nothing to do but hang on.

Your item was for audiojungle?

Not so long ago a fellow AJ author told me about his item was «Temporarily held for further review» for about 57 (fifty seven) days, so no need to panic and mailing to support. Better focus on crafting new items instead, I think.

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