Held items for 27 days?

Hi guys, need some help here. One of my item held for review for 27days. Is this normal?

[Items that are held are usually resolved within a day or two, but occasionally an item may be held for a longer period (up to 7 days for a particularly complex issue)]

Any help? Thanks


27 days is too long indeed. In rare occasions, held items get lost and forgotten. You may want to ask support about this.

Hi, thanks for the reply. The help team replied me:

Ralph M (Author)

Jun 3, 12:40 AEST

Hi Shann,

Ralph here, from the Author support team.

I checked the only pending item on your account - Happy Life Motivation Uplifting

It looks like we’re still looking into this. I know it’s unusual, but this is part of the process.

I’ll appreciate your patience while we’re waiting for our team to finish the review.


Guess you’ll have to be patient then.

With such a long wait, they could have given you a proper explanation, though. Better than “it’s part of the process” anyway. How is it part of the process to let a track “simmer” for a month?

yes, u are right… all i can do is waiting , crafting another new music or quit envato… haha…

anyway, really thanks for your reply. it means a lot to me…


UPDATE: the track approved after a month ++ review time… huhhhh… here’s the link:

anybody can help listen to it and give a comment why it held for so long ? so i can improve the upcoming music… Thank u

My item held for 27 days now too :confused: I realy don´t understant why.
It´s good to see that I´m not the only one with this problem.
I think your track is good ! Wish you luck ! I hope my track will be approved after all :slight_smile:

Hi @Fox_Production , it happens quite often… wish u luck…

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