Placeholder Image Maker/Generator/Creator/Creation.

Hi all of Envato Author.

This topic creating for all of Envato > Themeforest authors who creating placeholder images for client file and submission to Envato Market.
Previously Placeholder Generator lab.csschopper that is not working well from few month.

This time our author @DistinctivePixels creating a site like lab.csschopper

Here is that link:

This link are working Awesome.
I hope all author who use lab.csschopper now they can use this

Best Regards


Thank you very much i was so worried about that in the last month. now i can save my precious time. but one suggestion for improvement of you placeholder generator. remove px from the size of generated placehold image. mean 500px x 600px. it should be good when you write 500x600.

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I dont see why I couldnt have an option to choose either with or without px :slight_smile: I prefer it with.

Ill respond again here when iv updated :slight_smile:

Thanks @unlockdesign for the post!

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I think px must be helpful cause client or purchase will understand about that placeholder images size.

Hey @DistinctivePixels you placeholder link are very helpful for people specially authors.
If you think about closed that link whenever. If possible to transfer that to me i will keep it on my website for helping people/authors.

it’s ok, if you make px size small than the number i think that will be good.

I think 500x600 is enough/good
500px x 600px isn’t important.

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yes absolutely right

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