Image Placeholder maker

Hi All,

Do you know any other website like lab.csschopper for creating placeholder images!
This site does not working well to here :frowning:
Wait for your kind reply guys.

Best Regards

Hi @unlockdesign,

You can give a try with this:


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Try this! Made by a friend some time ago, but still awesome! -

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Thanks for your reply mates! @mgscoder @Enabled
I already check both site but not like lab.csschopper.
Appreciate you help :slight_smile:


Just to let you know, I also liked that tool and its a shame its gone, so im making my own version ill hopefully be able to share very soon :slight_smile:

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Looks like CSShopper is back, but I had fun making a similar tool should they go down again and anyone else need it -

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Hey @DistinctivePixels,

Working cool only small images just text isn’t center
But overall Working Very Good and helpful fir All Author.

Thank you so much for your help for all author.


Just pushed an update to fix the font size on smaller images :slight_smile: Im glad you like it - it was fun to make :slight_smile:

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