Sometimes, during the review proccess the reviewer ask me to use

But I save more time if I use the original images for the demo and then make them all grey in Photoshop. This is quicker than edit each image tag in each html file manually.
I would like how do you guys deal with the demo images issue.


use as you just upload the photos you want to replace and it creates the items as placeholder items which you can then just replace in your folder.


I use two sub-folders in my main ‘images’ folder.

1: demo (contains all demo images)
2: placeholders (contains all placeholder images having same file structure and names as in demo folder)

During the development I refrence all img tags to demo folder and before making the final distribution package, I replace all strings of ‘images/demo/’ to ‘images/placeholders/’, thus no need to change each URL spearetely.

I’ve even made a gulp task for this replace functionality, so all i need is to run a command like ‘gulp’ to make a final distribution file with placeholder images only.


Very genius! Thanks for your great tip! :four_leaf_clover:


Hey guys

We automated the process of replacing the copyright images with the placeholders.

The plugin reads the dimensions of your copyright images and creates an image of the same size and type before replacing them.

Hope this makes the task easy
If you have any suggestions, please feel free to let us know.