[Tool] ThemeForest PlaceHolder Machine (the most easy and fast tool for creating image placeholders)


As we know, TF requires to change all images in template to image placeholders before submission.
For this task, most authors using placehold.it or csshopper placeholder service.

Problem description :neutral_face:
But, both of this methods have minuses.
With “placehold.it” you have to change all images paths in your template to service links (not easy task, especially if you are not using building framework).

With csshopper placeholder you need to upload images and then you will have zip archive of placeholders. (not easy task, especially if you have many images in many folders)

So, both methods is not the best way of doing this.
Also, don’t forget if they will be closed/not responding, then you and/or your customers will have to manage this manually.

Solution :gem:
As all of you, i also need comprehensive solution for this task.
I preffered to write my own solution.

And, here you go:

:battery: PlaceHoldMachine it’s really easy2use Python library, that will give you apportunity to convert any ammounts of images in any listed directories into placeholders with highly customizable styling features.

I wrote this in Python and tried to make it as easy as possible to use.
Here is the link (with examples and instructions on how to use) - https://github.com/Priler/PlaceHoldMachine

Benefits of this tool :apple:

  1. Crossplatform and works with Linux, Windows and MAC
  2. High processing speed, takes up to ~30 seconds to convert 1000 heavy weight images into their placeholders
  3. Primary Color detection system ables you to make background color of placeholder based on image’s primary color (this is optional)
  4. Robust setup! You need to write only 12 lines of code to start the fun!

Conclusion :open_mouth: :grinning:
I’ve already tested this on my templates for TF and it work’s just fine!
It processed 119 of my images in about 1.5 seconds.
Now i will save up to 10-15 minutes by not wasting time on manual placeholdering (even with listed online services).

Feel free to use this and leave testimonials here :wink:


Trying this now and will send my feedback.

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Man… Where were you yesterday? I was expecting the same thing.

  1. Please make it online dude. Isn’t that possible? You can use herokuapp?
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Yesterday i started development :smile:
Online? Good idea, i will think about this.

Great. Installing these stuff, unless you are really using is not good. So its better if you have it online.

So, I’ll upload a Zip file containing all images, and you will provide the placeholder with same name and path in a zip. So coool… :smile:

Waiting for that to happen :+1:

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No, it’s not so hard to use this tool.
Especially if you are at least front-end developer.

Any testimonials? (up)

Hello Priler,

I am going to use this tool. Let me first finish the template. :smiley: Then, I can give feedback.

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Ok :smile:

@Priler I wish this service is online. Again :slight_smile:

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It will be, but later.

Sounds like a good service.

I have an even better solution: Use images from Unsplash.com or any other provider of CC0 pictures, so you don’t have to replaced anything.

will give it a try, my demo installer has images as big as 100MB size in total.

Even size of 1GB will be processed very fast :slight_smile:
For example, 147 images with size of 25MB in total tooks 3 seconds to process.

But i can make this work lot faster with using of async threads :sunny:

I have no idea how to use this! Please create an online website to do this feature.
That’ll be so great for all the theme and template authors.:cherries:

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How can we use this tool on Windows.

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Sure, we know about this and will create online tool bit later.

There is instruction available on git page.
It’s quite easy.
All you need is to have Python & PIL installed on your system.
Then you can configure use.py and run it for processing images inside target directory.

Also you can wait till GUI’s will be available.
I will post a new comment here when it’s will be available both for Linux and Windows.

I have install python34 and pilow both. but what will be the 2nd step?

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Then you need to download ZIP of that git repository and unpack it to somewhere.
Afther that, edit use.py script and write there your target directory or directories.
And, after this all you need to do, is to run this use.py script via command line.

You can run it on Windows with CMD, and with this command “python use.py” need to be executed within the folder, where your use.py is located.

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