Pirates Have to Die!


Just find my fake profile with all my videos for free !


It’s first time I found my works in free access. Pls help me who has resolved the same situation.

  1. What I need to do to delete it from this web site ?
  2. How to punich the owner of Pirate portal?
  3. What Envato have to do to protect my rights ?

Is any closed community who make something with this problem ?

Many Thanks !


I guess it’s a site with referals links on your videohive page.


Man! This site promote your products. :laughing:
Click on buy button.


Dont click Buy Or Demo
Click on template - you will see option - like to download - like it - you see the links - all links go to the [LINKS REMOVED] and this site gives real links to free upload.
As I understand.


One more link from pirates if first was wrong )))


I don’t want to catch virus or someting like this. So you should write a message to Support anyway if you worried about this. :oncoming_police_car: GoodLuck with your mission!


Read the forum rules ---------------> https://forums.envato.com/tos

Write directly to support.


If you have concerns about pirate sites or find your files being incorrectly distributed then please contact envato support