How do you fight pirate sharing of Envato items?

Hello everyone. I noticed that my items are posted on YouTube with links to free downloads on pirate websites. How to fight it? Can Envato help?

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Hey, you can send DMCA Takedown notices to those webpages/youtube (dont use their paid service, just look up what exact text and info you need to send to these webpages in order for them to see it as a legit takedown notice):

But it’s time consuming so I don’t even bother most times. It’s gonna happen either way, I would rather just make more awesome items.


Ok. Thank you.

There are also houndredes of gigabytes of music tracks from Audiojungle sharing on torrent sites. These sites can’t be fully block, and noone can do anything about, it just horrible

Good question… In addition to taking down the pirates… Is it possible to register video content with Adrev-like services for content ID, like we do with the music?