Piquant Restaurant Theme

I purchase Piquant Restaurant & Cafe Theme
But there are a lot of problem

  1. I want to display product as a short title on the page but
    a. Sidebar widget not compatible with theme it says working only for shop page but the page also not displaye on side area. Only display title area and it shows only testimonials category. Not displaying product category.
    b. There are some widgets like “product category”, when I want to use it for display product category, requested picture. But I need to display only title at the side area.

  2. I want to use booking form at landing page as a 1 line, there are an option but it is providing by opentable. I do not want to join them. I need to use it simple booking request. It is also not possible to customeese.

So, firs question : How can I display my product categories with title on side area as a shortcut. (When customer click on it, need to open products with subcategories.)

How can I make one line booking form? (It should contain customer name, e-mail, phone, booking date, booking hours and seats)

This theme includiing woocommerce.

Are there anyone for help?

August 25, 2018 (Europe: Paris), August 25, 2018 (America: Los Angeles)

This is a general forum, contact the author for theme related queries.

Yah I know this is general forum, but no any options for contact author. If there please let me know

You can go to item’s page. Click on profile and using contact form, send him message.
Also check documentation, maybe there is email support.

Best regards

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