PHP/MySQL employee hierarchy/tree


I need a script or WP plugin that displays employee data. Currently I am getting an LDAP daily feed that updates a table on my main web server. It updates 120k employees daily. My table uses employee id as primary key - and current app uses supervisor id to create tree.

At the very least I would like it to do the following:

  1. Display the employee’s manager
  2. Display the employee’s reports
  3. Display the employee’s coworkers
  4. Have good searching based on my LDAP fields (so that they could filter on location or department.
  5. And the last one is a bit weird but it is the biggest must have (because my current app I wrote does the first 4 OK) - I need a full list of employees under a manager. Meaning I need reports, the reports reports, the reports reports reports and so on. I need just a list of the employees with their data. I get a lot of request to help put together mailing list in our organization. If I could dump all employees, no matter how many levels down, into a table or export it then it would help on 90% of requests I get.


Your explanation is a tad confusing, if I had access to a example of the data you have and what exactly you need the script to make I’d be glad to hook you up with some awesome code.

Email me from the My Profile section :grin: